4.313 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Advanced Studio on the Production of Space


Penultimate & Final Review

Penultimate — Develop & Build

Students are required to present their final project proposals. They are asked to discuss the technical possibilities and needs for the project’s realization and not less important – project documentation. We will have Madeleine Gallagher (ACT media associate) in the class responsible for the technical assistance and equipment.

Due date: Session 22

Final Review — Present

Students will have to complete the lifecycle of a project from conception to design/construction, to articulate an artist’s statement and formulate a visually and spatially compelling presentation strategy.


  • Students are required to make a presentation (up to 15 min.) about their project and offer a constructive and coherent feedback to the reviewer’s comments.
  • Students are required to upload full documentation of their project on the class blog (production process, final project).

Due date: Session 26