4.313 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Advanced Studio on the Production of Space


1 Presentation of the theme, syllabus structure and assignments  
Production of Objects
2 Discussion: We will discuss different definitions of modeling and relations between models, diagrams and objects. We will examine connections of obedience and modeling within the current realms of captitalist production.  
3 Studio: Introduction in assignments and discussion on the practice of modeling  
Production of Space
4 Discussion: We will interrogate production of space as defined by H. Lefebvre. We will explore planning and mapping as two different and sometimes even opposed mechanisms of spatial production?  
5 Studio: Modelling studio, presenting the list of people to be contacted. Developing the first assignment.  
The Agencies of Production
6 Discussion: We will explore the agency of growth and efficiency in the era of uncertainty.  
7 Studio First Assignment due: Modeling experiment (I) - infiltrate and explore the other systems of space and knowledge production. Student presentations.
Production of Democracy
8 Dicussion: We will discuss concepts of multitude, agonistic pluralism and autogestion as possible models for radical production of democracy.  
9 Studio: Studio time. (See 2nd modeling experiment description.)  
10 Studio: Discussion and preparation for the second assignment.  
Production of Nature
11 Discussion: We will discuss meanings and relations of sublime and uncanny in the current context of ecological production.  
12 Studio Second Assignment due: Modeling experiment (II): basic modeling research and critical media transitions. Student presentations.
Production of Flows
13 Discussion: We will discuss socio-political agendas behind distributional and communicational processes across different scales and media. We will interrogate the notion of emptiness and disconnection as models of resistance within the dense realms of networked society.  
14 Studio: Preparation for the midterm review  
Production of Algorithms
15 Discussion: We will unfold the notion of network value and discuss how it is being generated through the current dynamics of cognitive capitalism.  
16 Midterm Presentation - speculate, intersect, fail  
Production of Everydayness
17 Discussion: We will discuss the concept of habitus and everydayness as a set of personal behavioral patterns and collective rituals. We will analyze production of everydayness through interactions with familiar objects.  
18 Studio: MIT Museum visit  
Productive Bodies
19 Discussion: We will discuss processes and systems through which bodies are normalized, controlled and manipulated.  
20 Studio  
Production of Time
21 Discussion: We will discuss different constructs of time and interrogate ways how they shape phenomena of (self) productiveness and efficacy. We will examine what models of time we rely upon and how we can subvert them.  
22 Penultimate—develop & build. Student presentations 
Production of Memory
23 Discussion: We will discuss construction and deconstruction of memory and potential models of overcoming trauma.  
24 Studio  
25 Studio: Studio time instead of the lecture and consultations before the final review.  
26 Final Review Student presentations of the final projects.
27 Presentations of the final projects. Documentation of student work and overall curation of the models collection. Student presentations cont.
28 Final discussion and planning of the publication