4.341 | Fall 2007 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Photography and Related Media


Week 1
1 Course philosophy, introduction to facilities, term assignment, introductory slide lecture
Week 2
2 Introduction to 35mm camera (bring your camera if available), darkroom orientation: film development, contact printing

Site visit: Aude Oliva presentation, discuss Sacks reading

First class review

Week 3
4 Darkroom workshop: printing, drying; production time / individual reviews

Student presentations, film: La Jetée / Chris Marker

Class review

Week 4

Discussion of Mitchell and Elkins text, introduction to digital cameras

Class review

7 Introduction to digital imaging
8 Darkroom workshop: large format printing / experimental techniques
Week 5

Pinhole camera presentation (James Smith)

Class review

10 Site visit: Pawan Sinha presentation, metal and wood workshop tour, experimental photographic techniques, discuss Hirsch reading
Week 6

Student presentations, André Valente presentation

Class review

Week 7
12 Adobe Photoshop workshop I, introduction to medium format cameras

Student presentations

Class review

Week 8
14 Student presentations, view camera workshop, darkroom workshop: retouching and mounting, large format camera workshop with Charles Fendrock, MIT alum

Student presentations, site visit: Sebastian Seung, presentation

Class review

Week 9

Midterm reviews

Guest critic: Donna Nield

17 Presentation of exhibition proposal with BCS
Week 10
18 Student presentations, Adobe Photoshop workshop II, List Visual Arts Center exhibition visit
19 Student presentations, Anne Cahill (Nikon) digital camera and flash workshop
Week 11
20 Tour of local art scene with Bill Arning
Week 12
21 Student presentations, workshop: exhibition installation
22 Class review
Week 13
23 Museum of Fine Arts visit

Artist presentations

Last class review before finals

Week 14
25-26 Production day / individual reviews
Week 15

Final reviews

Guest critic: Terence Gower

28 Clean up and film


Class review: projects in progress are continuously presented and discussed in class context.

Student presentation: all students are required to give a 10-15 minute presentation on one artist/photographer.

Production time: each student works independently on their term project in the darkroom or computer lab; field work is possible (bring material).

Final review: project must be completed and installed in exhibition. Submit CD documenting and describing the project.

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