4.351 | Spring 2004 | Undergraduate
Introduction to Video


1 Introduction to the Course Various Excerpts.  
The Order Mathew Barney.

Technical Workshop: Demonstration of DV Cameras

In-class Exercise #1: “Camera Play”

Basic Film Terms.  

Introduction to Assignment #1: “Abstractions”

Technical Workshop: Introduction to Editing Lab and Final Cut Pro®

Early History of Video Art Pt 1

The Electronic Canvas - WGBH. 

Leger, Fernand. Ballet Mecanique.


Introduction to Assignments #2 and #3: Edit “Abstractions”

Early History of Video Art Pt 2: Aesthetics of the Video Signal

Nam June Paik and the Video Signal

Nam June Paik.

Peter Campus.

Richter, Hans. Rhythmus 21.

Eggling, Viking. Abstractions.

Gibbons, Joe. Analogue.

Assignment #1 due

Introduction to Assignment #4: Personal Documentary (Autobiography)

Technical Workshop: Camera Supports

Huyghe, Pierre. The Third Memory 2000.

Hill, Jerome. Film Portrait. 

Gibbons, Joe. Living in the World.

Assignments #2 and #3 due
6 Introduction to Assignment #4: Personal Documentary (Autobiography) (cont.)

Huyghe, Pierre. The Third Memory 2000.

Hill, Jerome. Film Portrait.

Gibbons, Joe. Living in the World.

Wilcha, Chris. The Target Shoots First.

Ideas for Assignment #4 due

Technical Workshop: Audio Recording

Introduction to Assignment #4: Personal Documentary (Autobiography) (cont.)

Technical Concepts, Resolution, Formats, Degradation, etc.

  Assignment #4 works-in-progress due
8 Assignment #4: “Personal Doc”   Assignment #4 due
9 Introduction to Assignment #5: Personae and the Fictive Self (Autobiography)

McBride, David. D. Holzman’s Diary.  

Morin, Robert. Yes Sir Madam.

Gibbons, Joe, and Tony Oursler. On Our Own.


Technical Workshop: Lighting

Introduction to Assignment #6: Group Exercise (In and Out of Class): Camera Placement and Continuity – “Hartley”

Hold Me While I’m Naked.  

Individual Presentations: Lighting

Begin Individual Edits of Assignment #6

Kuchar, George. I, an Actress.  
12 Class Exercise: Screening of Completed “Hartley” Edits   Individual edits of Assignment #6 Part One due
13   Assignment #5: “The Fictive Self” work-in-progress screening  
14 Production Time    
15 Assignment #5: “The Fictive Self”   Assignment #5 due
16 Individual Presentations: Cinematography Ephemeral Films, Prelinger Collection.  

Technical Workshop: Voice-over Narration

Individual Presentations: Sound

18 Individual Edits of Hartley Scene   Individual edits of Assignment #6 Part Two due
19 Introduction to Assignment #7: Stories (Alternative Narratives) Smith, Mike. Mike’s Nightmare.  
20 Individual Presentations    
21 Individual Meetings    
22 Individual Meetings (cont.)    
23 Technical Workshop: Final Cut Pro® Color Manipulation    
24 Presentation of Final Project Treatment, Storyboards and Influences Screening of Assignment #7 Work-in-Progress Material  

Technical Workshop: Creating DVD’s Using DVD Studio Pro 2.0

Individual Consultations

Work-in-Progress Screening  
26 Assignment #7: Stories (Alternative Narratives) Final Assignment Screening Assignment #7 due

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