4.366 | Spring 2004 | Undergraduate
Advanced Projects in the Visual Arts: Personal Narrative


1 The Roots of Narrative: Lumiere vs. Melies

Melies Films.

The Lumiere Brothers. First Films.

Maddin, Guy. The Heart of the World.

2 Video Narrative vs. Film Narrative    
3 Documentary vs. Narrative

Kuchar, George. VideoDiary. 1987.

Huyghe, Pierre. One Million Kingdoms. 2001.

———. The Third Memory. 2000.

Islam, Runa. Visit to List Gallery: Rapid Eye Movement.

4 Diaristic Narrative

Rainer, Yvonne. Film about a Woman Who

Calle, Sophie, and Greg Shephard. No Sex Last Night. 1992.

Rist, Pippilotti. She’s Not a Girl Who Misses Much.
Kim, Sung Kwan. A-DA-DA.

5 Presentations: Assignment #1: Variations on a Scene Morin, Robert. Yes Sir Madam. Assignment #1 due
6 Production In-class / Lighting and Re-staging    

Oneiric Video (Dream Narrative)

Presentations: Assignment #1a: Re-staging

Bunuel, Luis, and Salvador Dali. Un Chien Andalou. 16 mins. 1928.

Deren, Maya. Meshes of the Afternoon.

Tarkovsky. The Mirror. (Excerpt)

Friedrich, Sue. Gently down the Stream.

Assignment #1a due

Minimal Narrative

Presentations: Assignment #2: Dream Sequence Assignment Rough Cut

Sokurov, A. Mother and Son. 

Fassbinder. Petra Von Kant.

Stan Douglas / Jeff Wall / Gregory Crewdson

Assignment #2 due
9 Beyond the Rules Sokurov, A. Mother and Son. (Excerpt)  
10 Alternative Scriptwriting

Ahwesh, and Sanborn. The Dead Man.

Greaves, William. Symbiopsychotaxiplasm. (Excerpt)



In-class Production: The Kuleshov Effect

Presentations: Assignment #2a: Re-editing of Dream Sequence

  Assignment #2a due

Mise en Scene (Production In-class)

Presentations of Assignment #3: Slice of Life Mini-Narrative (Fictionalizing Reality)

Welles, Orson. Touch of Evil. (Excerpt)

Sokurov, A. Mother and Son.

Bresson, R. Pickpocket. 

Assignment #3 due

Introduction to Assignment #4: Deconstructing Narrative

In-class Production

14 Individual Meetings Gibbons, Joe. From High Art to Lowbrow: The Genius (Trailer) and Other Shorts.  
15 Individual Meetings

Joe Gibbons selected works

Douglas Gordon

Richard Foreman

Eija-Liisa Ahtila


Introduction to Assignment #5: Final Project

Narrative Critique

Child, Abby. Mayhem. 1984.

Muller, Mathias. Home Stories.

Arnold, Martin. Life Wastes Andy Hardy.

Tcherkassky, Peter. Outer Space

17 In-class Production    
18 Presentations: Rough Cuts and Assemblies, Dailies, for Final Project    

Voice-over Narration and Audio Recording

Demo: FCP Voice-over, Miking Techniques

Presentations: Assignment #4: Deconstructing Narrative Exercise

Kar-Wai, Wong. Chunking Express. (Excerpt) 

McQueen, Steve. LiftOff.

Assignment #4 due
20 Presentations    
21 Narrative Critique    

The Game of Form

Presentations of Final Project Works-in-Progress

Robbe-Grillet, A. Last Year at Marienbad.  
23 Voice-over Narration    
24-26 Presentations: Assignment #5: Final Project Presentations Final Project Screening Assignment #5 due

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