4.366 | Spring 2004 | Undergraduate
Advanced Projects in the Visual Arts: Personal Narrative


There are seven examples of student work from this class. Each is courtesy of the student named, and used with permission.

Midterm Project

Sheila Longo - Laundry Day (MP4 - 10 MB)
Daniel McAnulty - Nobody (MP4 - 7 MB)
Ran Tao - Lost in the depths of… (MP4 - 13 MB

Final Project

Sheila Longo - Walk With Me (MP4 - 21 MB)
Daniel McAnulty - Maybe next year will be better (MP4 - 5 MB)
Ran Tao - It’s all in my head… (MP4 - 9 MB)
Carlos Dorta-Quinones - Ventana (MP4 - 20 MB)

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