4.401 | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Building Technology


Design Project Instructions

Design Project Milestones (PDF)

Building Selection for Design Project (PDF)

Notes about the Design Project: Thermal Balance Report (PDF)

Examples of Student Work

All papers in this section are courtesy of the students named and used with permission.

Shauna Jin and Caitlin Mueller

Baker House Dining Room: Thermal Balance Report (PDF)

Baker House Dining Room: Lighting Diagnostic (PDF)

Daniel Bergey, Tim Dudley, and Melissa Shin

A Thermal Balance Report: the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts (PDF)

A Lighting and Acoustics Report: the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts (PDF)

Christopher Fematt and Yuliya Bentcheva Kresge Auditorium Lighting Studies and Acoustics (PDF)

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