4.430 | Spring 2012 | Graduate



The calendar below provides information on the course’s lecture sessions (L), and student presentation and practicum sessions (P).

L1 Introduction to Daylighting Tutorial: Daylight Modeling in Design
L2 The Source Homework 1 due
L3 The Sensor  
L4 Photometry and HDR Workshop Tutorial: DIVA Visualizations
L5 Massing Studies Homework 2 due
L6 Where is the Sun?  
L7 Designing with the Sun Homework 3 due
L8 Physical Model Building Tutorial: Shaderade; DIVA – Radiation Maps; Ecotect Sun Module
L9 Daylight Simulations Tutorial: Radiance Simulation Parameters and Material Definitions
L10 Light and Matter  
P1 Midterm Student Presentations I  
P2 Midterm Student Presentations II  
L11 Circadian Effects of Light (Lockley)  
L12 Daylight Availability Homework 4 due
P3 Heliodon Measurements  
L13 Visual Comfort & Occupant Behavior Tutorial: DIVA-Glare
L14 Envelope Design Homework 5 due
P4 Heliodon Student Presentations  
L15 Electric Lighting Tutorial: Dialux
P5 Presentation Group Meetings  
L16 Integrating Electric Lighting & Energy Homework 6 due
P6 Final Student Presentations  
P7 Daylighting in Practice  
P8 Field Trip: Philips Lighting in Burlington, MA  

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