In general, this course had two lectures per week, and one lab per week. A separate schedule for each is provided below.

Lecture Calendar

1 Introduction  
2 Compression and tension structures  
3 Designing for axial forces  
4 Truss design Equilibrium homework due
5 Forces and forms in beams  
6 Beam design  
7 Forces and forms in frames Truss homework due
8 Frame design  
9 Structural failures  
10 Loading  
11 Stability and indeterminancy Beam homework due
12 Midterm review  
13 Midterm exam  
14 Indeterminate beams  
15 Indeterminate beams/frames Frame homework due
16 Indeterminate frames  
17 Lateral load systems  
18 Timber design  
19 Steel design  
20 Reinforced concrete design Indeterminacy homework due
21 Connections  
22 Sustainable structures Preliminary project calculations due
23 Design for strength and serviceability  
24 Advanced topics in structural design  
25 Design project presentations  
26 Review lecture  

Lab Calendar

1 Cables and arches  
2 Buckling  
3 Truss design / Column project  
4 Column testing  
5 Beams and frames Column report due
6 Review  
7 Frames / Beam project  
8 Beam testing  
9 Indeterminacy / Design project Beam report due
10 Design project  
11 Design project (cont.)  
12 Design project (cont.)  

Course Info

Learning Resource Types

grading Exams
group_work Projects
assignment Problem Sets
assignment Design Assignments