Lecture Notes

4.462 and 4.463 are the two graduate architecture courses in structural history, calculation, and theory. They are very similar in content to 4.440, the one-semester undergraduate Basic Structural Theory course. The graduate courses are taught over a two-semester period, instead of one, and they offer more in-depth and wider-ranging lectures, as well as guest lectures and project-based design assignments. The undergraduate course is more math intensive, while the graduate courses are geared more toward the professional practice of architecture. But the general topics of all three courses are similar.

One of the areas of increased study in the graduate courses is in the area of materials and their properties. 4.463 includes three lectures on different building materials, as seen below.

  1. Timber Lecture (PDF)
  2. Concrete Lecture (PDF)
  3. Steel Lecture (PDF)

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Fall 2002