1 Introduction: John and Axel Presented an Introduction to the Class Assignment 0: Experiment with SodaPlay assigned
2 Particle Spring Systems I

Barb Presented an Overview of Recent Computer Graphics Research

Class Discussion of SodaPlay Models from Assignment 0

Assignment 1: Programming in Processing assigned
3 Particle Spring Systems II

Particle System Plugin Documentation and Particle System Introduction

Classroom work on Processing with Simon
4 More on Processing from Simon

Class Discussion of Processing Applets from Assignment 1

Creation of research groups

Assignment 1b: Initial Group Brainstorming assigned

5 Class Presentations from Group Brainstorming Propose research topics

Assignment 2: Model Research and Construction assigned

6 Vector Fields

Working Session

7 Class Discussion of Assignment 2

Simon’s Documentation for Loading Triangle Meshes into Processing

Working Session

8 Mid-term Presentations

Formed Final Groups

9 Simon Talked about Explicit vs. Implicit Integration

New Processing Particle Systems with Implicit Solver

10 Working Session  
11 Working Session (cont.)  
12 Final Presentations