4.602 | Spring 2012 | Undergraduate

Modern Art and Mass Culture


Oral Presentation

Using slides, power-point, video, animation, or other visual materials, present a topic related to a recitation theme, as worked out with the TA.

Oral Presentation Guidelines (PDF)

Paper 1

Write an essay of five to seven pages on the subject of Delacroix and modernism.

Paper 1 Guidelines (PDF)

Paper 2

Write a five page essay, as a take-home portion of the midterm exam, on the subject of Monet’s painting la Japonaise, 1876, with the aim of examining “Orientalism” in Monet.

Paper 2 Guidelines (PDF)

Paper 3

Write a five to seven page essay comparing Clement Greenberg’s “Avant-Garde and Kitsch” essay (1939) and Walter Benjamin’s “Work of Art” essay (1936).

Paper 3 Guidelines (PDF)

Paper 4

Take the previous paper that received the lowest grade, conduct further research based on preliminary questions and comments, and revise, rewrite, and resubmit it.

Paper 4 Guidelines (PDF)

Paper 5

Write an essay of 10 to 15 pages on an artist, genre, or movement of your choice, examined in relation to modernism or postmodernism (as theories), particularly as engaged with mass culture.

Paper 5 Guidelines (PDF)

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