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The Art Museum: History, Theory, Controversy


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1 Introduction  
2 Museum, Nation, Citizen

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3 Guest Lecture: Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath. Tea with Nefertiti, or How the Arts Shape Culture

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4 The Museum as Arbiter: Episodes in Exhibition History

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Browse: Saddiyat.

6 Western Museums and the Rest of the World: The “Primitive” and the Global International

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Browse the exhibition catalogue

7 The Artist as Curator: A Discussion with Arlene Shechet on Meissen Recast

Arlene Shechet: Meissen Recast

Arlene Shechet

As told to Dawn Chan

Claytime! Ceramics Finds Its Place in the Art-World Mainstream

8 Looting and Restitution, or, the Universal Museum Reconsidered

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9 The Private Museum

The Old and the New:

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Additional reading TBA (at request of the curator):

Smee, Sebastian. “What Fate for the Carriage House that Mrs. Jack built?Boston Globe, May 2009.

Smee, Sebastian. “Mystery Achievement,” and browse additional selections from “The Gardner Grows.” Boston Globe, January 2012, special issue on the Gardner expansion Browse: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

10 Beyond the Nation: The Americas Galleries at the MFA

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11 Lightning Talks No readings.
12 Museums and Money

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Browse the exhibition catalogue: Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection, 1998.

13 Sneak Preview of new Harvard University Art Museums with Elizabeth Rudy, Theodore Rousseau Assistant Curator of European Paintings No readings.

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