1 Constructing the Past

Exploring Forth and Digging Under

Buildings, Projects, Architects

John Soane - House and Museum, Giovanni Battista Piranesi - Carceri d’Invenzioni, The Bamiyan Buddhas, Afghanistan

2 Prelude to an Architecture of Globalization: The Transatlantic Slave Trade Field trip to Mt. Auburn Cemetery

3 Landscape

The Politics of Site

Buildings, Projects, Architects

Versailles, Stowe, Monticello

4 Architecture and Industrialism, Part 1: The Ghosts of Technology Buildings, Projects, Architects

The Eiffel Tower, Pavilion d’Esprit Nouveau, The Statue of Liberty

5 Architecture as Ornament Buildings, Projects, Architects

William Morris - Red House, Auguste Perret - Rue Franklin Apartments, Adolf Loos - Villa Karma, Mies van der Rohe - Barcelona Pavilion, Le Corbusier - Villa Savoye

6 Architecture and Industrialism, Part 2: Masses, Classes and Regions Buildings, Projects, Architects

Ebenezer Howard - The Garden City, Toni Garnier - Cité Industrielle, Le Corbusier - Villa Contemporaine

7 Domesticity

Gender in Space

Buildings, Projects, Architects

Frank Lloyd Wright - Frederick C. Robie House, Hanna House, Edgar J. Kaufmann House; Adolf Loos - Josephine Baker House

Exploration of topics for final paper
8 Making of the Modernist Avant-Garde and the Operative Historian Buildings, Projects, Architects

Wiesenhofsiedlung 1927, Examples from Nancy Troy’s Book on de Stijl

9 Body Talk

Body as Metaphor in Architecture

Buildings, Projects, Architects

Siegfried Giedion’s Mechanization Takes Command

Finalization and presentation of paper topics
10 Ludic Spaces

The Architecture of Play

Buildings, Projects, Architects

Paris Exposition Universelle 1989, Centre Pompidou, Coney Island

11 Lines Across the City

Architecture and the State

Buildings, Projects, Architects

Hausmann’s Paris, Vienna’s Ringstrasse, Chandigarh

12 Post-War Narratives of “Development” Buildings, Projects, Architects

Le Corbusier - Unité d’Habitation, Team X Projects

13 Final Lecture The Story so Far - Discussion and Recap

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