4.S26 | Spring 2016 | Graduate

Territory: Spatial Reification of Power


Participation and Attendance

Students are expected to engage in the course materials by completing the assigned readings, and by participating in the discussions.

Class Presentation

For each session, a group of two students is required to make a presentation about the assigned readings for that particular session. Students are asked to present their views on the texts and to raise questions for discussion.

Each student is required to produce at least two presentations (with team members), leading, and participating in discussion. The goal of the class presentations is to provide students with a more in depth understanding of at least two of the themes discussed in class.

Mapping Exercise

The mapping is a concise exercise aimed at revealing territorial relations through drawings. It should be structured by the questions raised by the readings and case studies.

The maps generated are expected to incorporate and make visible the territorial questions explored on the student’s papers. Drawing and mapping those questions may reveal other relations previously unknown, and in that sense this exercise builds upon the understanding that it is only possible to intervene on that which is visible. The exercise should be both used as a tool to gain critical knowledge about territorial conditions during the process of exploring them, and as a final, edited and visually compelling piece to explain and make clear such conditions. Students may choose the graphic medium (3-dimensional drawings, diagrams, collages, paintings, etc.) they find more appropriate to address their specific research theme.

Short Research Paper

Students may write an individual final paper, consisting of 10–12 double spaced pages, on a topic of their choosing, in consultation with the instructor and the teaching assistant. Ideally the paper and the mapping exercise should complement each other.

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