5.60 | Spring 2008 | Undergraduate

Thermodynamics & Kinetics

Lecture Notes

The lecture handouts are available in the table below. Please note that there were no lecture notes for session #36.

1 State of a system, 0th law, equation of state (PDF)
2 Work, heat, first law (PDF)
3 Internal energy, expansion work (PDF)
4 Enthalpy (PDF)
5 Adiabatic changes (PDF)
6 Thermochemistry (PDF)
7 Calorimetry (PDF)
8 Second law (PDF)
9 Entropy and the Clausius inequality (PDF)
10 Entropy and irreversibility (PDF)
11 Fundamental equation, absolute S, third law (PDF)
12 Criteria for spontaneous change (PDF)
13 Gibbs free energy (PDF)
14 Multicomponent systems, chemical potential (PDF)
15 Chemical equilibrium (PDF)
16 Temperature, pressure and Kp (PDF)
17 Equilibrium: application to drug design (PDF)
18 Phase equilibria — one component (PDF)
19 Clausius-Clapeyron equation (PDF)
20 Phase equilibria — two components (PDF)
21 Ideal solutions (PDF)
22 Non-ideal solutions (PDF)
23 Colligative properties (PDF)
24 Introduction to statistical mechanics (PDF)
25 Partition function (q) — large N limit (PDF)
26 Partition function (Q) — many particles (PDF)
27 Statistical mechanics and discrete energy levels
28 Model systems (PDF)
29 Applications: chemical and phase equilibria (PDF)
30 Introduction to reaction kinetics (PDF)
31 Complex reactions and mechanisms (PDF)
32 Steady-state and equilibrium approximations (PDF)
33 Chain reactions (PDF)
34 Temperature dependence, Ea, catalysis (PDF)
35 Enzyme catalysis (PDF)
36 Autocatalysis and oscillators  

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