5.72 | Spring 2012 | Graduate

Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics


For the final projects, you must select any two project topics from the following list:

  1. Barrier crossing and Kramers’ turnover
  2. Multi-dimensional transition state theory
  3. Electron transfer and solvent dynamics
  4. Single molecule kinetics and photon statistics
  5. Self-consistent kinetic pathway analysis
  6. Non-linear chemical kinetics

You are advised, but not required, to choose one from project 1–3 on reaction rate theory and one from project 4–6 on chemical kinetics, and to choose projects relevant to your research. If you choose to work on more than two projects, please specify which projects you wish to be graded on.

Complete the final exam independently without discussion with your classmates. You are encouraged to use references and lecture notes. Show all your steps, in a clear and orderly way. Justify your answers in detail to ensure full credits. Each project is 100 points, and the full score of the final exam is 200 points.

Final Projects (PDF)

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