5.74 | Spring 2009 | Graduate

Introductory Quantum Mechanics II

Lecture Notes

Students are encouraged to print and read the course lecture notes in advance of lectures. Prof. Tokmakoff maintains the Time-Dependent Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy Web site with the most recent and complete pdf version of the notes.

Quantum mechanics
1 Time-independent Hamiltonian (PDF - 1.8MB)
2 Time-dependent Hamiltonian (PDF)
3 Irreversible relaxation (PDF)

Classical description of spectroscopy (PDF)

Interaction of light and matter (PDF)

Absorption cross-section (PDF)

5 Time correlation functions (PDF)
6 Absorption lineshapes (PDF)
7 Linear response theory (PDF)
8 Displaced harmonic oscillator (PDF)
9 Fluctuations: Gaussian stochastic model (PDF)
10 Fluctuations: energy gap Hamiltonian (PDF)
11 Vibrational relaxation (PDF)
12 Density matrix (PDF)
Nonlinear spectroscopy boot camp
13 Nonlinear polarization (PDF)
14 Diagrammatic perturbation theory (PDF)
15 Third order spectroscopy (PDF)
16 Characterizing Fluctuations (PDF)
17 Two-dimensional spectroscopy (PDF)

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