6.001 | Spring 2005 | Undergraduate

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs


A Note About EdScheme

Edscheme has been developed for student use by Schemers, Inc., a small Florida company founded by two high school teachers. It has been used successfully in high schools and colleges for several years. It strives to be much more student-friendly than MIT Scheme: text is color-coded to distinguish Scheme primitives, keywords, user definitions, constants, etc.; there are dynamic reminders (as you type in your program) of expected Scheme syntax and your syntactic errors; there is point-and-click lookup of previously entered procedure definitions; and it has menu control of most features, clear error messages, and convenient online documentation.

You can download the EdScheme initialization files in ZIP format. After the two-week free trial, you have to buy a copy to continue using EdScheme. It lists for $130 but is available to 6.001 students for $68.95.

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