6.002 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate

Circuits and Electronics


The calendar provides information on the course’s lecture (L), recitation (R), and quiz (Q) sessions.

L1 Lumped abstraction relationship to physics, KVL, KCL Lab 0 out
R1 KVL, KCL resistive network analysis  
L2 KVL, KCL example, nodal analysis Homework 1 out
R2 Nodal analysis, examples  
L3 Linearity, superposition, Thevenin’s equivalences Lab 0 due 1 day before L3
R3 Thevenin and Norton equivalences  
L4 Digital abstraction Homework 2 out
R4 Boolean logic, comb. gates review, examples Homework 1 due
R4a Digital logic, gates, examples Lab 1 out
L5 MOS switch, S and SR model, MOS gate design Homework 3 out
R5 MOS switch resistor (SR) model (cont.) Homework 2 due
L6 Nonlinear resistors, networks  
R6 Static power in dig ckts, nonlinear resistors, examples  
L7 Nonlinear resistors, small signal analysis Homework 4 out
R7 Nonlinear resistors, small signal examples Homework 3 due
L8 Dependent sources, analog amplification  
R8 Dependent sources, amplifiers, operating point analysis, biasing Lab 1 due
L9 MOS SCS model and MOS amplifier Homework 5 out
R9 Review MOS SCS model, MOS ckts, MOS amplifier Homework 4 due
Q1 Quiz 1 (evening)  
R9a MOS amplifier review  
L10 Amplifier large signal analysis Homework 6 out
R10 Review 3-term device representations, amplifier input-output curves Homework 5 due
L11 Amplifier small signal analysis Lab 2 out
R11 Amplifier small signal analysis examples  
L12 Amplifier small signal circuit models Homework 7 out
R12 Amplifier small signal circuit models and analysis examples Homework 6 due
L13 Capacitors, first order circuits, examples  
R13 Inductors and their physics, first order step response, examples  
L14 Intuitive analysis of first order systems, examples Homework 8 out
R14 Ramp, step, impulse, superposition Homework 7 due
L15 Digital memory, state Lab 3 out
R15 Impulse response examples, digital memory arrays Lab 2 due
L16 Transients in second order systems Homework 9 out

First order examples

Second order examples

Homework 8 due

Second order examples

Second order systems with damping

L17 Second order systems with damping, intuitive analysis Homework 10 out

Damped second order system examples

Preview of frequency response

Homework 9 due
L18 Sinusoidal steady state analysis, frequency response Lab 4 out
Q2 Quiz 2 (evening)  
L19 Impedance methods Homework 11/12 out
R19 Review of impedance methods and examples Homework 10 due
L20 Filters, Q factor, radio tuner  
R20 Time and frequency domain responses, Q Lab 3 due
L21 Op-amp abstraction, concept of feedback, noninverting amplifier  
R21 Op-amp abstraction, examples and review, inverting amplifier  
L22 Multiple inputs and superposition, integrators, differentiators  
R22 First and second order op-amp filters  
L23 Op-amp abstraction, feedback, stability, oscillators, clocking  
R23 Special op-amp circuits

Lab 4 due

Homework 11/12 due

L24 Energy and power  
R24 Examples, CMOS, energy and power  
L25 Breaking the abstraction barrier  

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