Lecture Notes

L1 Foundations, forces and fields, Gauss’s and Ampere’s laws ( ∫) for static fields ( PDF)  
L2 Media, boundary conditions ( PDF)  
L3 Review vector operators; Maxwell’s differential equations (t), E, H, uniform plane wave; sin (ωt) ( PDF)  
L4 Poynting theorem derivation (time), UPW example (we, wm, S(t)) ( PDF)  
Forces, motors, generators, and MEMS  
L5 Electric forces on e-beams, C plates, force from ∂w/∂z; generators and sensors ( PDF)  
L6 Magnetic pressure, rotary wire and reluctance motors, forces on materials ( PDF)  
L7 Static Φ and fields, Laplace’s equation, separation of variables (x,y,z); inhomogeneous materials ( PDF)  
Waves in media and at boundaries  
L8 Electromagnetic fields in media, uniaxial media, quarter-wave plate ( PDF)  
L9 Boundary conditions, k•r, phase matching, non-uniform plane wave, Snell’s law ( PDF)  
L10 TE at planar boundary, TM by duality, Brewster’s angle ( PDF)  
Limits to computation speed  
L11 Device and line delays; TEM parallel-plate line, telegraphers’ equation, Zo ( PDF)  
L12 Transients: Thevenin equivalents; L, C, diode loads; initial conditions; lossy TEM ( PDF)  
RF/microwave guidance and filtering  
L13 Architecture, generalized TEM line, Ζ(z), Γ(z), Ζ transformations ( PDF)  
L14 RLC resonators, series, parallel, ωo, ∆ω, α, QL, QI, QE, coupling ( PDF)  
L15 TEM resonators, we(t), wm(t), Q, ∆ω, examples; |V(z,f)| ( PDF)  
L16 TEmn rectangular waveguide, cavity resonators, perturbations ( PDF)  
Wireless communications  
L17 Conservation of energy, power, G(θ,φ), Ae= Gλ2 /4π, Rr, VTh, RF links ( PDF)  
L18 Radiation by current elements, Hertzian dipole, near and far fields; Biot-Savart ( PDF - 1.6MB)  
L19 Receiving antennas: VTh in dipoles and loops; d<\\<λ/2π, G = 4πA/λ2 ( PDF)  
L20 Aperture antennas, diffraction ( PDF)  
Optical communications
L21 Optical fibers, applications, dielectric slab waveguide, fiber design ( PDF)  
L22 Lasers ( PDF)  
L23 Acoustic waves, boundary conditions, reflections, antennas ( PDF)  
L24 Course philosophy, resonator perturbations and speech generation ( PDF)  

Additional Material

Brief history of Maxwell’s equations ( PDF)

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