6.021J | Fall 2004 | Undergraduate
Quantitative Physiology: Cells and Tissues


The calendar below provides information on course’s lecture (L) and recitation (R) sessions.

HH stands for Hodgkin-Huxley, as in the Hodgkin-Huxley Model.

ses # Topics key dates
L1 Introduction to Cellular Transport Homework 1 out
R1 Review of Differential Equations

L2 Macroscopic and Microscopic Laws of Diffusion

L3 Continuity and Diffusion Equations

R2 Diffusion

L4 Diffusion in Cells: Models

R3 Diffusion (cont.) Homework 2 out

Homework 1 due

L5 Diffusion in Cells: Experiments

L6 Osmosis: van Hoff’s Law

R4 Diffusion and Osmosis

L7 Osmosis in Cells: Equilibrium

R5 Osmosis Homework 3 out

Homework 2 due

L8 Chemical Transport Project proposal due
L9 Four-State Symmetric Carrier Model

R6 Osmosis and Carrier Mediated Transport

L10 Carrier Models

R7 4-State Model Homework 3 due
L11 Glucose Regulation

L12 Ion Transport: Nernst-Planck Equation

R8 Carrier Models

L13 Writing a Laboratory Report

Exam 1

L14 Ion Transport: Models Homework 4 out
R9 Ions

L15 Ion Transport Models (cont.)

R10 Ions (cont.) Homework 5 out

Homework 4 due

L16 Active Transport First draft due
L17 Electrical Properties of Cells

Writing Clinic

L18 Core Conductor Model of Large Cells

R11 Core Conductor Homework 6 out

Homework 5 due

L19 Core Conductor

L20 HH: Space Clamp Project report due
R12 Core Conductor (cont.)

L21 HH: Voltage Clamp

R13 Core Conductor (cont.) Homework 6 due
L22 HH: Current Clamp

L23 Demo: HH Project

R14 HH Elec Classroom Project proposal due
L24 HH Project

Exam 2

L25 HH: Threshold

L26 Cable Model Homework 7 out
R15 HH Elec Classroom (cont.)

L27 Cable Model (cont.)

L28 Writing an Oral Presentation

L29 Myelinated Fibers

R16 Cable Model

L30 Saltatory Conduction

R17 Saltatory Conduction Homework 8 out

Homework 7 due

L31 Patch Clamp First draft due
L32 Ion Channels: 2-State Models

HH Dry Runs

L33 Ion Channels: 4 Gate Model

L34 Ion Channels: Gating Currents

R18 Ion Channels HH oral reports 1 day after recitation 18
R19 Ion Channels (cont.) Homework 9 out

Homework 8 due

HH oral reports 1 day after recitation 19

L35 Ion Channels Multi-State Models

R20 Ion Channels (cont.)

L36 Breakfast with the Staff

R21 Ion Channels (cont.) Homework 9 due (optional assignment)

Final Exam Period