6.057 | January IAP 2019 | Undergraduate

Introduction to MATLAB


Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 5 sessions / week for 1 week; 2 hours / session



Course Description

This is an accelerated introduction to MATLAB and its popular toolboxes. Lectures are interactive, with students conducting sample MATLAB problems in real time. This course includes problem-based MATLAB assignments. Students must provide their own laptop and software. This is great preparation for classes that use MATLAB.

At the end of the day, our most important goal is that you gain useful computational skills that are applicable to your field of study. Advances in computing have revolutionized science and engineering in the past couple decades. I hope 6.057 will enable you to harness this computational power and help you accomplish great things in your career.


This class is graded Pass / D / Fail. Four of the five sessions are required attendance. There are four problem sets, due daily. The first one will be released after the first class, and it will be due before the second class. The last problem set will be due before the last class. Problem set grading will be done coarsely (i.e. we will not penalize you for minor mistakes). There are no exams.


This class meets for five sessions running Monday through Friday for one week.

Ses # Topics
1 Introduction to MATLAB
2 Visualization and Programming
3 Solving Equations, Curve Fitting, and Numerical Techniques
4 Advanced Methods
5 Various Functions and Toolboxes

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January IAP 2019
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