6.061 | Spring 2011 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Electric Power Systems


1 Introduction to power systems  
2 Review of network theory: power  
3 Inductance, capacitance, first order transients; buck converter Problem set 1 due
4 More ODEs: boost converters; sinusoidal steady state, reactive power  
5 Sinusoidal steady state: complex impedance; flow through lines Problem set 2 due
6 Transmission lines: telegrapher’s equations Problem set 3 due
7 Transmission lines in sinusoidal steady state, polyphase systems  
8 Polyphase circuits and transmission lines  
9 Transformers and per-unit systems Problem set 4 due
10 Unbalanced circuits: symmetrical components  
11 Symmetrical components, transformers, faults, protection Problem set 5 due
12 Phase control, high-voltage direct current (HVDC)  
  Quiz 1  
13 Protection, load flow  
14 Forces in electromagnetic systems: energy flow, Poynting Problem set 6 due
15 Induction and principle of virtual work  
16 Multiply excited systems, synchronous machines Problem set 7 due
17 Two axis theory: generators  
18 Windings, wound rotor machines Problem set 8 due
19 Doubly fed and squirrel cage motors and generators Problem set 9 due
20 Induction motor control: volts/Hz and field oriented control  
21 Faraday’s law again: DC and PM machines Problem set 10 due
22 Switching power electronic circuits  
23 Inverters Problem set 11 due
  Quiz 2  

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