6.071J | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Electronics, Signals, and Measurement


The calendar below provides information on the course’s lecture, lab, and quiz sessions.

1 Introduction; Transducers Lab 1: Introduction; Learning about the Lab Tools

2 Signals and Systems; Time and Frequency Domain Lab 2: Introduction to Signals Homework 1 out
3 Fourier Transform and Fourier Series Lab 3: Fourier Transform and Fourier Series

4 Sampling and Aliasing; Numbering System Lab 4: Protoboarding Techniques, Sampling, and Aliasing Homework 2 out
5 KVL and KCL Analysis Lab 5: Resistor Networks 1 Homework 1 due
6 KVL and KCL Analysis (cont.); Nodal Mesh Analysis Lab 6: Resistor Networks 2

7 Superposition Method; Thevenin Circuits; Circuits Lab 7: Measuring the Temperature Coefficient of Resistors Homework 2 due

Homework 3 out

8 Norton Equivalent Circuits Lab 8: Equivalent Circuits, Power Transfer

9 Dependent Sources Exam Review Session Homework 3 due

Homework 4 out

Lab 1 due

10 Quiz 1

11 Dependent Sources (cont.) Lab 9: Dependent Sources, Op Amps, Current Sources

12 Capacitors and Inductors Lab 10: Capacitors and Inductors Homework 4 due

Homework 5 out

13 Impedance Method

14 Sinusoidal Steady State; Differential Equation Method Lab 11: Sinusoidal Steady State Response of RL and RC Circuits

15 Sinusoidal Steady State with Impedance Method Lab 12: Sinusoidal Steady State Response: Impedance Homework 5 due

Homework 6 out

16 Frequency Response; Filters Lab 13: Filters

17 Frequency Response (cont.); Filters and Q Factor Lab 14: Filters, Bandwidth, Q Factor

18 Transient Response of Circuits; First Order and RL Circuits Exam Review Session Homework 6 due
19 Quiz 2

20 Transient Response of First Order Circuits Lab 15: Transients

21 Transient Response of Second Order Circuits

Homework 7 out
22 Circuits with Non-linear Elements; Diode Lab 16: Diodes, Signal Conditioning

23 Design and Analysis of Diode Circuits Lab 17: Diodes, Signal Conditioning, Voltage Regulation

24 BJT Lab 18: Introduction to BJT Homework 7 due

Homework 8 out

25 BJT (cont.) Lab 19: BJT Biasing and Amplification

26 BJT (cont.) Exam Review Session Homework 8 due

Homework 9 out

27 Quiz 3

28 Op Amp Lab 20: Introduction to the Op Amp

29 Op Amp (cont.); Fundamental Amplifier Circuits; Input/Output Impedance Lab 21: Building and Testing Op Amp Circuits Homework 9 due

Homework 10 out

30 Op Amp (cont.); Active Filters; Superdiode, Log, Antilog Filters

31 Control Fundamentals Lab 22: Comparators and Schmitt Trigger

32 Control Lab 23: Schmitt Trigger Oscillator Homework 10 due
33 Op Amp (cont.); Positive Feedback; Schmitt Trigger Lab 24: IR Transmission and Detection

34-36 Design and Build a Heart Rate Monitor Design and Build a Heart Rate Monitor

37 Digital Circuits Lab 25: Digital Design

38 Digital Circuits (cont.)