This section contains the assignments and supporting files for the laboratory sessions.

Electrical Safety Handout (PDF)

Circuit Building Guidelines (PDF)

1 Introduction; Learning about the Lab Tools (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: circuit_guide.pdf.)
2 Introduction to Signals (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains:,, and PianoC.wav.)
3 Fourier Transform and Fourier Series (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains:,,, and
4 Protoboarding Techniques, Sampling, and Aliasing (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: and
5 Resistor Networks 1 (PDF)  
6 Resistor Networks 2 (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains:
7 Measuring the Temperature Coefficient of Resistors (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: and
8 Equivalent Circuits, Power Transfer (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: prtyping_gdlins.pdf,, and
9 Dependent Sources, Op Amps, Current Sources (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains:
10 Capacitors and Inductors (PDF)  
11 Sinusoidal Steady State Response of RL and RC Circuits (PDF)  
12 Sinusoidal Steady State Response: Impedance (PDF)  
13 Filters (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains:,, and PianoC.wav.)
14 Filters, Bandwidth, Q Factor (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: and
15 Transients (PDF)  
16 Diodes, Signal Conditioning (PDF) (ZIP ) (The ZIP file contains:


17 Diodes, Signal Conditioning, Voltage Regulation (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains:
18 Introduction to BJT (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains:

2N3904 npn BJT

19 BJT Biasing and Amplification (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains:
20 Introduction to the Op Amp (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains:
21 Building and Testing Op Amp Circuits (PDF)  
22 Comparators and Schmitt Trigger (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: and
23 Schmitt Trigger Oscillator (PDF)  
24 IR Transmission and Detection (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains:
  Design and Build a Heart Rate Monitor (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: and

AN-3001, AN-3005, QEC123, QED123, QSC114, QSD124

Cheang, Peck, and Peter Smith. An Overview of Non-contact Photoplethysmography. ESC mini-conference, Loughborough University, 2003.

Borham, A., E. M. Staderini, S. Mugnaini, and G. Gigante. “Photoplethysmography: State of the Art and Research Views for Application in the Study of Phlogosis.”

Asada, Harry H., and Sokwoo Rhee. Analysis of the Influence of Displacement on Finger Photoplethysmography for Wearable Health Monitoring Sensors. The Home Automation and HealthCare Consortium, Progress Report No. 2-5, March 31, 2000.

25 Digital Design (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: