Lecture Notes

Lectures 1-3 were given by Jean Yang; lectures 4-6 were given by Eunsuk Kang.

1 Motivation for using C/C++; discussion of where C and C++ sit in the abstraction hierarchy; writing our first C programs (PDF)  
2 The logistics of memory manipulation in C (pointers, structs) (PDF) (ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 1 .c file and 1 .h file.)
3 More advanced memory manipulation in C. We’ll show double linked-list insert in place, inserting into a linked list using a double pointer, corner cases of using memory (when we actually need heap allocation), etc. (PDF)  
4 Introduction to C++; encapsulation: classes, namespaces, constructors and destructors; memory management in C++ (new, delete); operator overloading and standard input/output (PDF) (ZIP) (This Zip file contains: 3 .cc files and 2 .h files.)
5 Inheritance and polymorphism; templates; standard library containers (PDF) (ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 4 .cc files and 3 .h files.)
6 Tricks of the trade. Things people might see in interviews, etc. Review and discussion of the covered topics, Q&A. (PDF)  

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January IAP 2010
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