6.186 | January IAP 2005 | Undergraduate

Mobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory


General API Information

See related resources for more information.

Application Information

Ant: A tool that can automatically build and upload your code. Use it, it’s nice. (PDF)

BotClient: The tool for viewing remote channel data. (PDF)

CVS: A tool for managing your source code amongst your teammates. (PDF)

Subversion: A tool similar to CVS. (PDF)

Emacs: Some notes on getting the most out of the GNU Emacs text editor. (PDF)

SSH: Tool for logging into other machines remotely. Also has info on scp, which copies files to and from other machines. (PDF)

MASLab Software Distribution

We’re running Debian Linux with the 2.6.9 kernel. The freshest version of the software is here - (JAR).