6.186 | January IAP 2005 | Undergraduate

Mobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory




This resource includes topics like: planning and strategery, mechanics and sensors, ball storage, archimedes would be proud, screw casing and gears, one-way bottom gate, servo-operated top gate, ir sensors, image processing, color voting, positions in 3-space, more math (you want to come here), driving in arcs, docking with field goals, kalman odometry, mapping (or lack thereof), force fields, nifty telemetry, robot strengths, steady-state lifting device, fast, effective image processing algorithm, good docking procedure, traveled in arcs, robot weaknesses and suggested solutions, heavy robot = slow, known modes of failure, we never even saw half of the field, didn?t use exploration round, takes balls slightly over 20 seconds to climb screws, definitely not made by mechanical engineers, there?s so much that could have gone wrong, results, and lessons learned.

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