6.189 | January IAP 2008 | Undergraduate

A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python

Lecture Notes

Notes and Worksheets

The session 1 notes (PDF) include the syllabus, some administrivia and an introductory tutorial to Python.

Exam 1 (Session 5) covered everything through class 3: variables, types, operators, functions, conditionals and loops. The solutions double as notes for sessions 1 through 3. (PDF)

The session 6 homework (PDF) doubles as notes for classes 4 through 6.

The optional session 7 homework (PDF) serves as useful practice with lists.

The session 8 notes (PDF) cover dictionaries and their usage.

The session 9 worksheet (PDF) reviews common errors and good programming practices.


Handout 1 (PDF) reviewed while loops and the basics of for loops.

Handout 2 (PDF) was a heavy review before the midterm, covering functions, lists, for loops and tuples.

Handout 3 (PDF) reviewed objects.

Handout 4 (PDF) reviewed dictionaries and gave guidance on part 1 of the Web indexer lab.

Handout 5 (PDF) was a walkthrough for part 2 of the Web indexer lab, and covered compound dictionaries.

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