1 Introduction to dynamic systems and control, matrix algebra  
2 Least squares error solutions of overdetermined / underdetermined systems  
3 Matrix norms, SVD, matrix perturbations Homework 1 due
4 Matrix perturbations  
5 State-space models, linearity and time invariance Homework 2 due
6 Solutions of state-space models  
7 Similarity transformations, modes of LTI systems, Laplace transform, transfer functions Homework 3 due
8 Stability, Lyapunov methods  
9 External I/O stability, storage functions Homework 4 due
10 Interconnected systems, feedback, I/O stability  
11 System norms Homework 5 due
12 Performance measures in feedback control  
13 Small gain theorem, stability robustness Midterm exam (take-home) due 2 days after Lecture 13
14 Stability robustness (MIMO) Homework 6 due
15 Reachability  
16 Reachability: standard and canonical forms, modal tests  
17 Observability Homework 7 due
18 Minimality, realization, Kalman decomposition, model reduction  
19 State feedback, observers, output feedback, MIMO poles and zeros Homework 8 due
20 Minimality of interconnections, pole/zero cancellations Homework 9 due
21 Parameterization of all stabilizing controllers  
22 Optimal control synthesis: problem setup Homework 10 due
23 H2 optimization  
24 H optimization Homework 11 due

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