6.341 | Fall 2005 | Graduate

Discrete-Time Signal Processing

Lecture Notes

1 Course Overview
2 Background Review: Phase, Group Delay, and Generalized Linear Phase (PDF)
3 Minimum-phase and All-pass Systems (PDF)
4 DT Processing of CT Signals and CT Processing of DT Signals: Fractional Delay (PDF)
  Background Exam
5 Sampling Rate Conversion (PDF)
6 Quantization and Oversampled Noise Shaping (PDF)
7 IIR, FIR Filter Structures (PDF)
8 Filter Design: IIR Filters (PDF)
9 Filter Design: FIR Filters (PDF)
10 Multirate Systems and Polyphase Structures (PDF)
11 Multirate Systems and Polyphase Structures (cont.) (PDF)
12 Linear Prediction and All-pole Modeling (PDF)
13 The Levinson-Durbin Recursion (PDF)
14 Guest Lecture: Gene Frantz
15 The Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) (PDF)
  Midterm Exam
16 Linear Filtering with the DFT (PDF)
17 Spectral Analysis with the DFT (PDF)
18 Periodogram (PDF)
19 FFT Algorithms (PDF)
20 The Goertzel Algorithm and the Chirp Transform (PDF)
21 Short-time Fourier Analysis (PDF)
22 Modulated Filter Bank (PDF)
23 Caruso’s Orchestra
  Final Exam

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