6.341 | Fall 2005 | Graduate

Discrete-Time Signal Processing


The project assignments in this section refer to Athena, which is MIT’s UNIX®-based computing environment.

Two projects were assigned over the course of the term. Students were asked to submit written project reports and any appropriate MATLAB® plots. The instructions for both projects are included in a single file. (PDF)

Files for Project 1

proj1A.mat (MAT) is used in Project 1A.

proj1B.mat (MAT) is used in Project 1B.

Files for Project 2

52 .wav files (ZIP - 14.6MB)

Files for Playing Sound on UNIX® Machines

usound110.m (M) plays audio on UNIX® machines at Fs = 11025 Hz.

usound441.m (M) plays audio on UNIX® machines at Fs = 44100 Hz.

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