The reading assignments are from chapters in the course textbook: Rabaey, Jan, Anantha Chandrakasan, and Bora Nikolic. Digital Integrated Circuits: A Design Perspective. 2nd ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2002. ISBN: 0130909963.

1 Challenges in Digital IC Design

Course Overview

2 CMOS Inverter I

MOS Device Model with Sub-micron Effects
VTC Parameters - DC Characteristics

3.1-3.3, 5.1-5.3
3 CMOS Inverter II

CMOS Propagation Delay
Parasitic Capacitance Estimation
Layout of an Inverter
Supply and Threshold Voltage Scaling
SPICE Simulation Techniques

5.4.1, 5.4.2

Tutorial on Design Tools - Layout of a CMOS Gate, Extraction, SPICE, IRSIM

4 CMOS Inverter III

Components of Energy and Power
Switching, Short-Circuit and Leakage Components
SPICE Simulation Techniques

5 Combinational Logic I

Static CMOS Construction
Ratioed Logic

6.1, 6.2.1 (pp. 237-251), 6.2.2
6 Combinational Logic II

Pass Transistor / Transmission Gate Logic
Introduction to Dynamic Logic

7 Combinational Logic III

Dynamic Logic Design Considerations
Power Dissipation in CMOS

8 Combinational Logic IV

Power Consumption in CMOS Logic (cont.)
Leakage Power Dissipation
Logical Effort Sizing - Performance Optimization of Digital Circuits

pp. 251-263, 6.4
9 Arithmetic Structures / Bit Slice Design

Adders, Multipliers, Shifters
Design Methodology
Layout Techniques and Mapping

Project Schedule and Guidelines

11.1-11.6, 8
10 Evening Session on Exploring Project Ideas

Finish Arithmetic Structures and Project Ideas

11 _Guest Lecture by Prof. Tayo Akinwande
Integrated CMOS Processing
12 Sequential Circuits I

Classification / Parameters
Static Latches and Register

7.1, 7.2
13 Sequential Circuits II

Race Condition
Dynamic Latches and Registers
Two Phase vs. Single Phase


_Quiz #1
Covers Inverter, Combinational Logic

14 Sequential Circuits: III

Pulse Based Registers
Latch vs. Register Systems

7.4-7.8, 10.3.4, 10.5.1
15 Interconnect

Capacitance Estimation
Buffer Chains
Low Swing Drivers
Power Distribution

4.1-4.3, 4.4.1-4.4.4, 9
16 Interconnect (cont.)

Issues in Timing - Impact of Clock Skew and Jitter

9, 10.1, 10.2
17 Clock Distribution

Origins of Clock Skew / Jitter and Impact on Performance
Clock Distribution Techniques
Self-timed Circuits

10.3.1-10.3.3, 10.4
18 Memory I: ROM / EPROM / PLA Design

Organization / Architecture
Cell Design
PLA folding techniques

19 Memory II: SRAM Design

Cell Design
Differential Sense Amplifiers

20 Memory III

DRAM Design
Single Ended Sense Amplifier
CMOS Scaling

Quiz #2

Covers Arithmetic Structures, Inter-connect, Sequential Circuits and Memory

21 Advanced Voltage Scaling Techniques

DC-DC Converter Design
Performance Feedback
Dynamic Voltage / Frequency Scaling

22 Power Reduction Through Switching Activity Reduction

Testing in VLSI

Defects, Fault Models, Path Sensitization
Scan, Built-in-self Test, IDDQ

Insert H
23 Presentation of Final Projects

24 Presentation of Final Projects (cont.)

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