6.441 | Spring 2010 | Graduate

Information Theory


1 Introduction, entropy  
2 Jensen’s inequality, data processing theorem, Fanos’s inequality  
3 Different types of convergence, asymptotic equipartition property (AEP), typical set, joint typicality  
4 Entropies of stochastic processes Problem set 1 due
5 Data compression, Kraft inequality, optimal codes Problem set 2 due
6 Huffman codes Problem set 3 due
7 Shannon-Fano-Elias codes, Slepian-Wolf  
8 Channel capacity, binary symmetric and erasure channels  
9 Maximizing capacity, Blahut-Arimoto Problem set 4 due
10 The channel coding theorem  
11 Strong coding theorem, types of errors Problem set 5 due
12 Strong coding theorem, error exponents  
  In-class midterm  
13 Fano’s inequality and the converse to the coding theorem Problem set 6 due
14 Feedback capacity  
15 Joint source channel coding Problem set 7 due
16 Differential entropy, maximizing entropy  
17 Additive Gaussian noise channel Problem set 8 due
18 Gaussian channels: parallel, colored noise, inter-symbol interference  
19 Gaussian channels with feedback Problem set 9 due
20 Multiple access channels  
21 Broadcast channels Problem set 10 due
  In-class presentations (2 sessions)  
22 Finite state Markov channels  
23 Channel side information, wide-band channels  

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