6.637 | Spring 2003 | Graduate

Optical Signals, Devices, and Systems


1 1 Basics - Review of properties of E&M waves, amplitude, intensity, phase, polarization.  
2 2 Reflection, refraction, Snell’s law, critical angle, Brewster’s angle, reflection and transmission coeffs. Polarizers,
magic sheet
3 3 Geometric optics, ray-matrix methods, microscopes, telescopes, lens waveguide. Telescope
4 4 Temporal and spatial coherence, two-beam and multiple-beam interference, interferometers.  
5 5 Scalar diffraction theory, free-space propagation, spatial frequency, Fraunhofer approximation, diffraction-based light modulators. MMLS System
6 6 Holography - Transmission and reflection holography, recording media, phase-conjugate waves. White light and CGHs
7 7 Image separation conditions, effects of recording medium resolution. Computer-generated holograms, real-time holography.  
8 8 Materials - Interaction of light with matter (classical electron oscillator model), absorption, emission, gain, plasmas.  
9 9 Modulators and Displays - Birefringence, index ellipsoid, Pockels and Kerr effect, electro-optic tensor. Calcite crystal
10 10 Longitudinal and transverse modulators, photorefractive effect, real-time holography. BaTiO3 Crystal
11 11 Acousto-optic light modulation. Liquid crystal, plasma, electroluminescent, digital-mirror, and membrane-mirror displays. E-O Modulator
LC Modulator
12 12 Sources - Laser principles, spontaneous and stimulated emission, rate eqns, output power. Scanning F-P
13 13 Optical amplifiers, resonators, specific lasers, LEDs. Organic LEDs and Lasers. LED emission
14   Quiz 1  
15 14 Transmission Systems - Parallel-plate optical waveguide, modes (ray and wave-optics methods). Fiber samples
16 15 Optical fibers, dispersion, bit rate, WDM, add-drop filters, switches, fiber-optic telecom systems.  
17 16 Photodetectors - Thermal and quantum detectors and their characteristics, responsivity, NEP, D*, noise, specific detectors (bolometer, PMT, photodiode, avalanche PD, etc). Photodiode,
18 17 Metrology - Distance, surface profile, velocity, and 3-D measurements, speckle- and interferometer-based systems.  
19 18 Microscopy and coherence tomography systems, LIDAR and LADAR, fiber-optic sensors.  
20 19 Optical Processors - Fourier optics, two-lens processor, Vander Lugt filter, matched filters, JTC, polychromatic processors.  
21 20 A-O processors, space and time-integrating correlators, radar applications. CTLP
22 21 Adaptive Optical Systems – Wavefront measurement systems, sharpness function, Unconventional AO, wavefront correctors, stellar imaging and star-wars applications.  
23   Quiz 2  
24 22 Opto-electronic processors, incoherent image processing systems.  
25 23 Storage Technologies - Sequential, page-oriented, ROM, erasable and assoc. memory systems; capacity, access time, readout rate, noise, optical Disk, 3-D memories; photorefractive systems, two-photon systems, spectral hole-burning systems.  
26   In-class research project presentations