1 Introduction, Morphology, Field Description of Forces Assigned: Problem set 1
2 Energy Conversion, Forces (POVW) Assigned: Problem set 2
3 Synchronous Machines (Round Rotor), Magnetic Circuits Due: Problem set 1
4 Transformers, Materials, Machine Size, Power Density, Surface Current View Assigned: Problem set 3
5 Classical Synchronous Machine Theory: Sizing and Rating

6 Two Reaction Theory: Park’s Transform

Assigned: Problem set 4

Due: Problem set 2

7 Park’s Transform and Implications Due: Problem set 3
8 Windings and Air-Gap Fields Assigned: Problem set 5
9 Induced Currents: Eddy Currents, Linear Induction Machine Model Due: Problem set 4
10 Induction Machines: Transformer Model  
11 Torque-Speed, Squirrel Cage Machines

Assigned: Problem set 6

Due: Problem set 5

12 DC Machines: Faraday’s Law

Assigned: Problem set 7

Due: Problem set 6

13 Variable Reluctance Machine Principles Assigned: Problem set 8
14 Synchronous Machine Dynamics Due: Problem set 7
15 Per-Unit Systems Assigned: Problem set 9
16 Simulation of Synchronous Machines Due: Problem set 8
  Quiz 1 (covers problem sets 1–7)  
17 Induction Motor Drives and Control

Assigned: Problem set 10

Due: Problem set 9

18 Doubly Fed Induction Machines Assigned: Problem set 11
19 Single Phase Induction Motors Due: Problem set 10
20 Permanent Magnets in Machine Systems  
21 Brushless DC Motors Due: Problem set 11
22 MST and Poynting (again)  
  Quiz 2 (covers problem sets 8–10)  
23 Special Topics  
24 Wrap-up  
  Final Exam  

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