6.776 | Spring 2005 | Graduate

High Speed Communication Circuits

Lecture Notes

Lec # Topics
1 Communication Systems Overview (PDF)
2 Transceiver Architectures (PDF)
3 Wave Guides and Transmission Lines (PDF)
4 S-Parameters and Impedance Transformers (PDF)
5 Generalized Reflection Coefficient, Smith Chart (PDF)
6 MOS Transistors, Passive Components, Gain-Bandwidth Issue for Broadband Amplifiers (PDF)
7 High Frequency, Broadband Amplifiers (PDF)
8 Broadband Amplifiers (cont.) (PDF)
9 Enhancement Techniques for Broadband Amplifiers, Narrowband Amplifiers (PDF)
10 Noise Modeling in Amplifiers (PDF)
11 Noise Figure, Impact of Amplifier Nonlinearities (PDF)
12 Low Noise Amplifiers (PDF)
13 LNA Design Examples and Recent Techniques (PDF)
14 Voltage Controlled Oscillators (PDF)
15 VCO Examples and Mixers (PDF)
16 Mixers (cont.) (PDF)
17 Noise in Voltage Controlled Oscillators (PDF - 1.5 MB)
18 ABC’s of Power Amplifiers (PDF)
19 Other Classes of Power Amplifiers, Modulation of Power Amplifiers
20 Linearization Techniques for Power Amplifiers, Adaptive Biasing
21 Overview of Phase-Locked Loops and Integer-N Frequency Synthesizers (PDF)
22 Noise in Integer-N and Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers (PDF - 1.0 MB)
23 Design of Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers and Bandwidth Extension Techniques (PDF - 2.4 MB)
24 Advanced RF Topics
25 RF Transceiver Design Example (Guest Lecture)

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