Lecture Notes

LEC # TOPICS Lecture outlines
1 Course Overview and Introduction

Policy Making and the Structure of Law

Unit A: Regulating the Decentralized Internet
2 The Internet meets the U.S. Constitution (PDF)
3 The Legacy of Reno: The Strengths and Limits of Filtering and User Control  
Unit B: Regulating Government Use of Surveillance Technology
4 Fourth Amendment Foundations and the First Century of Electronic Surveillance (PDF)
5 International Issues (PDF)
6 Technology-driven Public-private Boundary Shifts

The Crypto Wars

(PDF ‑ 2.1 MB)


7 Profiling and Datamining Post-9/11 (PDF)
  Midterm Exam  
Unit C: The Transparency Challenge
8 Anonymity vs. Transparency (PDF)
9 Personal Information on the Web (PDF)
10 Transparency in Consumer Protection and Commercial Regulation (PDF)
11 Origins of Broadcast Regulation (PDF)
12 Semantic Web Public Policy Challenges (PDF)

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