6.826 | Spring 2002 | Graduate

Principles of Computer Systems

Lecture Notes

Handouts 1-6: Course Information, Spec language (PDF)

Handout 7: Disks and File Systems (PDF)

Handout 8: Generalizing Abstraction Functions (PDF)

Handout 9: Atomic Semantics of Spec (PDF)

Handouts 10, 11: Performance, Firefly RPC (PDF)

Handouts 12, 13: Naming, Semantic File System (PDF)

Handouts 14-16: Concurrency (PDF)

Handout 17: Formal Concurrency (PDF)

Handout 18: Consensus (PDF)

Handout 19: Sequential Transactions with Caching (PDF)

Handout 20: Concurrent Transactions lecture, slides, and book (PDF)

Handouts 21,22: Distributed Systems, paper: Autonet (PDF)

Handout 27: Distributed Transactions (PDF)

Handout 23: Networks - Links and Switches (PDF)

Handout 24: Network Objects (PDF)

Handout 25: Paper: Andrew Birrell, et al. “Network objects,” Proc.14th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, Asheville, NC, December 1993.

Handout 26: Paper: Butler Lampson. “Reliable messages and connection establishment,” in S. Mullender, ed. Distributed Systems, Addison-Wesley, 1993, pp. 251-281.

Handout 28: Availability and Replication (PDF)

Handout 29: Paper: Jim Gray and Andreas Reuter. “Fault tolerance,” in Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques, Morgan Kaufmann, 1993, pp. 93-156.

Handout 30: Concurrent Caching (PDF)

Handout 31: Computer Security in the Real World (PDF)

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