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Quantum Complexity Theory

Lecture Notes

This section contains scribe notes from the Fall 2008 version of the course, and a set of additional slides.

Scribe Notes

All scribe notes are courtesy of MIT students, and are used with permission.

1 Quantum basics (PDF)
2 More quantum basics (PDF)
3 Quantum circuits (PDF)
4 BQP and classical friends (PDF)
5 Quantum algorithms: Deutsch-Jozsa (PDF)
6 Quantum algorithms: Simon’s algorithm (PDF)
7 Shor’s algorithm and the hidden subgroup problem (PDF)
8 Hidden subgroup problem and Grover’s algorithm (PDF)
9 Grover’s algorithm and BBBV (PDF)
10 Quantum query complexity lower bounds (PDF)
11 More quantum query complexity (PDF)
12 Query complexity and the collision problem (PDF)
13 The collision problem (PDF)
14 BQP vs. PH and QMA (PDF)
15 QMA (PDF)
16 QMA and variants (PDF)
17 QIP (PDF)
18 PostBQP (PDF)
19 Closed timelike curves (PDF) (Courtesy of Joshua Horowitz. Used with permission.)
20 BQP/qpoly (PDF)
21 Quantum communication complexity (PDF) (Courtesy of Colin Jia Zheng. Used with permission.)
22 More quantum communication complexity (PDF) (Courtesy of Colin Jia Zheng. Used with permission.)
23 Classical simulation (PDF)
24 Grab bag (PDF)
25 Student project presentations  
26 Student project presentations (cont.)  

Additional Slides

Quantum computing with noninteracting particles (PDF - 1.0MB) (Courtesy of Alex Arkhipov. Used with permission.)

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