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Advanced Algorithms

Lecture Notes

The students in this course were required to take turns scribing lecture notes. They were provided with detailed instructions and a template. The process of scribing lecture notes provides students with valuable experience preparing mathematical documents, and also generates a useful set of lecture notes for the class.

Notes are used with the permission of the student scribes.

1 Fibonacci heaps (PDF)
2 Network flows (PDF)
3 Maximum flow; minimum cost circulation (PDF)
4 Goldberg-Tarjan min-cost circulation algorithm (PDF)
5 Cancel-and-tighten algorithm; binary search trees (PDF)
6 Splay trees (PDF)
7 Dynamic trees (part 1) (PDF)
8 Dynamic trees (part 2) (PDF)
9 Linear programming (LP) (PDF)
10 LP: duality, geometry, simplex (PDF)
11 LP: complexity; introduction to the ellipsoid algorithm (PDF)
12 LP: ellipsoid algorithm (PDF)
13 LP: applications of the ellipsoid algorithm Notes not available
14 Conic programming I (PDF)
15 Conic programming II (PDF)
16 Approximation algorithms (PDF)
17 Approximation algorithms (facility location) (PDF)
18 Approximation algorithms (max-cut) (PDF)
19 Max-cut and sparsest-cut (PDF)
20 Multi-commodity flows and metric embeddings Notes not available
21 Convex hulls Notes not available
22 Convex hulls and fixed dimension LP (PDF)
23 Voronoi diagrams (PDF)
24 Approximation scheme for the Euclidean traveling salesman problem Notes not available
25 Streaming algorithms Notes not available
26 Streaming algorithms  (cont.) Notes not available

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