6.871 | Spring 2005 | Graduate

Knowledge-Based Applications Systems

Lecture Notes

Introduction and Background
1 Course Organization; Spirit of the Undertaking (PDF)
2 Tell it What to Know; Search (PDF)
The Spirit and Pragmatics of KBS
3 Origins of KBS: MACSYMA and DENDRAL (PDF)
4 Application Analysis Case Study: Case Introduction (PDF)
5 Application Analysis Case Study: Class Discussion
6 Rule-Based Systems (PDF)
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Paradigms
7 Semantic Nets (PDF)
8 Logic (PDF)
9 Frame-Based Systems (PDF)
10 Uncertain Reasoning, Models of Rationality (PDF)
11 Blackboards
12 Pragmatic Issues in Knowledge Acquisition (PDF)
13 Summary of Knowledge Representation (PDF)
Problem Solving Paradigms
14 Causal Reasoning (PDF)
15 Model-Based Reasoning (PDF)
16 Case-Based Reasoning
17 Reasoning with Constraints (PDF)
18 Reasoning about Physical Systems
Research Issues
19 Human Intelligence Project
20 Common Sense
21 Learning
22 Ontologies and Data Mining (PDF)
Project Presentations
23 Project Presentations and Discussion
24 Project Presentations and Discussion (cont.)
25 Project Presentations and Discussion (cont.)
26 Project Presentations and Discussion (cont.)

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