6.881 | Spring 2005 | Graduate

Representation and Modeling for Image Analysis


Students are expected to have completed the assigned readings before the beginning of class. Assigned readings are required whereas optional readings provide additional background on the lecture topic.

LEC # TOPICS Assigned Readings Optional READINGS
1 Introduction, Tutorial on PCA    
2 Eigenfaces Face Recognition using Eigenfaces (PDF) Nonlinear Component Analysis as a Kernel Eigenvalue Problem
3 Active Appearance Models Active Appearance Models Tim Cootes’ Web site
4 Tutorial on EM The EM Algorithm (PS)

EM as Lower Bound (PDF)

A Gentle Tutorial of the EM Algorithm

5 Learning Flexible Sprites in Video Layers Learning Flexible Sprites in Video Layers

Papers by Tom Minka

Smoothness in Layers

6 LLE and other Manifold Learning Methods Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction by Locally Linear Embedding

Global Coordination of Local Linear Models

Sam T. Roweis’ Web site

Face Recognition in Subspaces

7 EM Segmentation EM Segmentation of MRI Images Another EM Segmentation Paper (PDF - 1.1 MB)
8 Tutorial on Calculus of Variations    
9 Mumford-Shah Mumford, D., and J. Shah. “Boundary Detection by Minimizing Functionals, i.” In Proc. IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition, San Francisco, CA, 1985.  
10 Snakes Kass, Michael, Andrew Witkin, and Demetri Terzopoulos. “Snakes: Active Contour Models.” Int. J. of Computer Vision 1, no. 4 (1987).  
11 Geodesic Active Contours Geodesic Active Contours Region-Based Curve Evolution
12 Shape Based Curve Evolution Shape Based Curve Evolution 1  
13 Tutorial on Clustering    
14 Spectral Clustering Spectral Clustering Clustering using Eigenvectors
15 Normalized Cuts Normalized Cuts  
16 Graph Cuts for Energy Minimization Graph Cuts for Energy Minimization  
17 Belief Propagation Understanding Belief Propagation and its Generalizations

Stereo Matching using Belief Propagation

Learning Low-Level Vision

Wainwright and Jordan Variational Methods Tech Report (PS)

19 Constellation Model Constellation Model Recent Application of Constellation Models
20 Shape Context Shape Context  
21 Local Descriptors    
22 Object Recognition    
23 Finite Element Models Finite Element Models

Estimating Non-rigid Motion

Later Paper

Parametric Model of Non-rigid Motion

24 Non-rigid Registration using B-splines Non-rigid Registration using B-splines



Thin Plate Splines

Diffeomorphic ASM

Curves of Least Energy

25 Belief Propagation in Image Analysis    
26 Doing Photogrammetry Right    

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