6.901 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Inventions and Patents


This section contains student final reports for 6.901. More recent reports are presented for 2004-2005 under various subject matter categories (I-VII), with the student authors identified with their respective papers. All papers present background study and offer original suggestions for possible improvement of systemic world-wide problem areas involving intellectual property.

Exemplary Student Papers

All papers appear courtesy of the students named and are used with permission. The citations were accurate at the time the papers were written but may have changed.

2004-2005 Term

I. Intellectual Property In Nanotechnology
Intellectual Property Issues Associated with the Emerging Fields of Nanotechnology (PDF) Benjamin Cooper
Nanobiotechnology Patents (PDF) Byron Hsu, Forrest Liau, and David Lin
II. Software-Copyright Intellectual Property Issues
Software Intellectual Property (PDF) Michael Matczynski and Marcos Flores
Copyright Infringement Due To Online File Sharing (PDF) Gabriel Alatorre, Christina Huang, and Ethan Rigel
Death of a Cracker - The Failure of the DMCA and How Digital Copyright Can Be Saved (PDF) Brian Keegan
Conceal or Perish? An Overview of Trade Security and the Software Industry (PDF) Louise Giam and Albert Leung
The Software Protection Debate (PDF) Tri Ngo and Richard Sinn
Copyright Infringement in Music and an Alternative to Piracy (PDF) John Pavlish
III. Patent Strategies
Patent Strategies and the Progress of Science and Useful Arts (PDF) Sebastian Buermeyer
Athletic Performance Enhancing Inventions; the Conflicting Interests of Inventors, Spectators, Athletes and Companies (PDF) Nicholas Sidelnik
Improving Upon the Current Patent System (PDF) Cliff Roscow, Mitun Ranka, and Sedrick Tydus
Effects of Patent Policies on Innovation (PDF - 1.2 MB) Raul Barreto, Julian Caballero, and Emyluz Rodriguez
Defending Open Science from Patent Infringement (What Does the Future Hold for University Research?) (PDF) Minna H. Ahn
Proposal for Fostering Commercialization of Patents (PDF) Andrew Pinkham
The Difficulty of Protecting Design (PDF) Samantha Bennett
IV. Drug-Pharmaceutical Patents and Issues
Life Patents: The Reason, the Ramifications, the Proposed Reversal (PDF) Anonymous
Prospects for Drug Accessibility and Economic Growth as Indian Pharmaceuticals Enter the Product Patent Era (PDF) Imran Hendley, Danielle Chu, Kova Jura, and Jane Yoon
Prescription Drug Re-Importation (PDF) Christopher Suarez and David Tobias
Brazil’s Generic Drug Manufacturing Success and the Policies That Permitted It (PDF) Natalia Arzeno, Rebeca Diaz, and Sandra Gonzalez
Human Cloning and the United States Patent Office (PDF) Ashley Finan
V. Global Considerations
The Developing World and the Role of Information and Communication Technologies (PDF) Mohamed Haji and Anrupa Ganguly
Software Piracy in Developing Countries - A Mounting Problem and Proposed Solutions (PDF) Paul Wehner, Arun Agarwal, and Jamal Isa
Intellectual Property Protection and China (PDF - 1.1 MB) Elizabeth Eames, Qian Wang, Steven Stoddard, Spencer Cross, and Christina Chae
Strategies for Moving U.S. Business Into China (PDF) Samuel Hwang, Kimberly Kam, and Melvin Makhni
A Comparison Study of the United States Patent System and the System of the Former Soviet Union and Current Russia (PDF - 4.4 MB) Helen, Belogolova, Sal Pallante, and Jonathan Wu
A Global Patent System - From Fantasy to Functional (PDF) Nima Veiseh
A Medical Patent System for Global Warfare (PDF) Jordan Wan
VI. Commercialization Requirements
Lack of Commercialization of ‘Concept’ Patents. How it Affects Independent Inventors (PDF) Jesus Alvarez
In Defense of the Current Patent System With No Requirement of Commercialization for Patent Rights Retention (PDF) Jeremiah Egger
Consequences of the Bayh-Dole Act (PDF) David Levenson
VII. Patents and National Security
Effects of National Security Concerns on the Patent Process (PDF) Aaron Bell

2003-2004 Term

Globalization is a Catalyst for Change in Intellectual Property Systems: Case Studies in India and China (PDF) Sisir Botta and Christopher Tsai
Implications of the World Trade Organization’s Intellectual Property Policies on Third-World Countries’ Access to Vital Medicines (PDF) Cynthia Caramana
Software Licenses: Taxonomy and Analysis (PDF) Daniel Loreto, Adam Oliner, and Ram Woo
The Condom Project (PDF) Amit Gupta, Samuel Hwang, and Eric Makhni
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