Lecture Notes

L1 Course overview ( PDF)
L2 Introduction to practical digital communications ( PDF) (Courtesy of John Cioffi. Used with permission.)
L3 Multi-tone systems ( PDF)
L4 802.11a transceiver architecture ( PDF)
L5 ASIC design ( PDF - 3.2 MB)
L6 Micro-architectures and transformations ( PDF - 1.2 MB)
L7 Bluespec™ overview ( PDF) (Courtesy of Arvind. Used with permission.)
L8 Fast fourier transform: theory and algorithms ( PDF)
L9 Fast fourier transform: practical aspects and basic architectures ( PDF)
L10 Fast fourier transform: advanced VLSI architectures ( PDF - 3.0 MB)
L11 Convolutional codes ( PDF)
L12 Trellis codes ( PDF)
L13 Viterbi algorithm
L14 Viterbi algorithm (cont.) ( PDF)
L15 Viterbi algorithm (cont.) ( PDF)
L16 Viterbi algorithm (cont.) ( PDF)
L17 Synchronization introduction
L18 Synchronization OFDM
L19 Synchronization: implementations
L20 Wireless channels
L21 Channel estimation
L22 Block codes: introduction
L23 Block codes: code classes and Reed-Solomon codes
L24 Block codes: implementations

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