6.973 | Spring 2003 | Graduate

Organic Optoelectronics


The final project aims to challenge and assess your ability to critically evaluate a published article. Indeed, not everything printed is true and you are asked to guide the class through a review of one recent publication. This is an exercise that you will encounter over and over again if choose to pursue a career in science research.

Your task is three fold:

  1. Select a recent (200x) article in the field of organic optoelectronics and ask the instructor to approve your selection. If you do not have an article by Lecture 15, the instructor will offer you a set of articles to choose from.
  2. Write a report on the article (10 page limit).
  3. Make a 12-minute presentation to the class. The presentation will be followed by a 3-minute question and answer period from the class.

Your report should contain a brief description of the article, outlining the most significant findings. (There is no need to retell the article, rather, attach a copy of it to your report.) The main part of the report should discuss the merits of the conclusions of the article. For example: Place these conclusions in the light of other people’s findings. Tell us of inconsistencies in the analysis. Is there a point that the authors failed to discuss? What are the technological limits of the described devices? Speculate, on what are the next steps researchers in the field should take.

In essence, tell us how this article contributes to the knowledge of the field it explores.

Due Date: In class on the days of Lectures 25 and 26 and one additional day during the final exam week.