7.16 | Spring 2005 | Undergraduate

Experimental Molecular Biology: Biotechnology II

Scientific Comm.

This course includes significant instruction in scientific communications. During the term, Dr. Marilee Ogren-Balkema presents ten lectures on a range of reading, presentation and writing topics.

Background reading

Gopen, George D., and Judith A. Swan. “The Science of Scientific Writing.” The American Scientist 78 (1990): 550-558.

Lectures on Scientific Communications

1: Basic Scientific Communication (PDF)

2: How to Review the Literature (PDF)

3: How To Write a Research Proposal (PDF)

4: Preparing Effective Oral Presentations (PDF)

5: How to Write a Mini Literature Review (PDF)

6: How to Write a Research Paper I: Illustrations (PDF - 1.2 MB)

7: How to Write a Research Paper II: Results Section (PDF)

8: How to Write a Research Paper III: Methods Section (PDF)

9: How to Write a Research Paper IV: Introduction and Discussion (PDF)

10: How to Write a Research Paper V: Title and Abstract (PDF)

Course Info

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