7.18 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Topics in Experimental Biology

Lecture Notes

A selection of downloadable lecture notes are included in the table below. (Courtesy of Prof. Paul Matsudaira and Dr. Leslie Ann Roldan.  Used with permission.)

PM = Prof. Paul Matsudaira
LAR = Dr. Leslie Ann Roldan


Sorting Students to Sections (PDF)

Impromptu Description of Research Project, Logic of a Paragraph

2 Logic of a Research Paper, Organization of a Research Proposal, How to Present Data in a Lab Talk (PDF) PM
3 Lab Group Meeting PM
4 Lab Group Meeting (cont.) PM
5 Data and Figures, Results and Preliminary Results (PDF) PM
6 Project Outline and Journal Club (PDF) LAR
7 Introduction, Background and Significance (PDF) LAR
8 Journal Club PM
9 Experimental Plan (PDF) PM
10 Journal Club PM
11 Journal Club (cont.) PM
12 Discussion of Paragraphs, Ethical Conduct of Science, Citations and Plagiarism (PDF) PM
13 Lab Group Meeting PM
14 Journal Club PM
15 Lab Group Meeting PM
16 Methods and Materials (PDF) LAR
17 Lab Group Meeting PM
18 Journal Club PM
19 Scientific and Non-scientific Abstract (PDF) LAR
20 Journal Club PM
21 Discussion (cont.) and Polishing your Writing (PDF) LAR
22 Lab Group Meeting: Results only (optional) PM
23 Project Lab Presentation PM
24 Project Lab Presentation (cont.) PM
25 Project Lab Presentation (cont.) PM
26 Wrap Up PM

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