Written Assignment: Write an Abstract (Due Week 7)

At the week 3 meeting, students will receive a set of figures and tables. Each student should read, analyze and understand the data. Then each student should write an abstract reporting the results presented in the figures and tables.

Oral Presentation: Critically Present a Primary Research Paper (Due Week 14)

At the last session, each student will present a short critical review of a recent primary paper, including a figure-by-figure analysis of the experimental results and claims. This will include 1 slide overview of main claim, 2–3 slides on background, and 1–2 (or more if needed) slides per figure, focusing on the design of each experiment, including the key controls and results. As a conclusion, 2 slides should be dedicated to reviewing the key claim of the paper and discussing which experimental result supports this claim. Be prepared to answer questions from the class regarding any points concerning the paper. The paper will be given to each student on week 10 and the presentation is due on the last session of the course.

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